Popular Couple & Matching Tattoos

Is there a bigger sign of commitment than getting matching tattoos with the one you love? Whether it’s a little symbol, or a sentimental message, it is undeniable that couple & matching tattoos have become a sensation. Matching couple tattoos are a constant reminder of one another and can be an artistic way to show your love. It’s not just couples who are getting matching tattoos either, it’s families and besties too! 

Deciding what tattoo design to get is a big decision. So we’ve rounded up the most popular couple & matching tattoos to help you pick- 

Yin and yang tattoos

Yin and yang tattoos are from a Chinese philosophical concept that represent opposite but interconnected forces where the two halves come together to be a whole circle. Traditionally, Yin is thought to be the feminine energy with Yang being masculine.  This couple tattoo design symbolises unity and togetherness. 

King and queen tattoos

This matching ink is for the power couples who treat each other as royalty. Thought to represent the ability to dominate everything life throws at you, this matching couple tattoo idea shows how you are both of equal, capable roles which compliment each other. 

Ring finger tattoos

These small couple tattoos are usually either alongside or instead of your wedding ring. As a non-traditional and less expensive alternative to a ring, they are unique tattoos that will permanently express your love. While wedding rings can become lost or damaged, with a ring finger tattoo there is no question of it going anywhere! Whether it is a simple initial, symbol or an actual band design, they are a subtle but sentimental tattoo. 

Quote tattoos

Maybe your quote tattoo is a line from your favourite book or movie. It can even just be a saying that you tell each other all the time. Couples usually go matching with quotes. However they can have half of the quote on one of them and the second half on the other person so that it is complete when they are with each other. 

Sun and moon tattoos

Sun and moon couple tattoos represent two opposing forces that both attract and maintain balance. Either with both symbols intertwined or one person getting a sun and the other person getting inked with a moon, these cute couple tattoos show how they can work together perfectly despite their differences. These tattoos are especially great for couples with opposite personality traits. 

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