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Hey there! – Welcome to our website TKTX Official and our TATTOO blog!
We’re going to use this first blog post as a way to introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about our product – specifically in terms of tattoo usage (with maybe the odd dabble in piercings and body modification in there too). The blogs after this one will include any updates we have, tattoo and artist appreciation – including interviews, Q&A’s and quiz’s, tattoo news, tattoo advice and recommendations, information on tattoo events and anything else tattoo related that we find interesting.

SO. You’ve probably found our site on the back of a recommendation – or you’ve found us on google and our reviews have caught your eye – or even maybe you tried one of our products on a whim and you’re back for more. Either way, our reputation for authentic, top quality products proceeds us. Its no secret that although our numbing cream can be used for many different things, its mainly used to make a tattoo sitting or piercing feel like a walk in the park (or a nap for some of you). However, because its a topical anesthetic, we cannot stress enough the importance of application when using our numbing creams. We send out a leaflet with every order which carefully outlines exactly how it should be applied – if these instructions aren’t followed properly, you risk the chance of the cream not working to the fullest extent, at all or for as long as it should. If you apply correctly you should experience between 1-5 hours of a pain free experience (depending the strength of the cream you buy).

There’s so much taboo around people using numbing creams, especially with more experienced tattoo enthusiasts. This stigma is CRAZY to us, because although we encourage first time tattoos to be fully felt, after you’ve been tattooed cold turkey and experienced the sensation and pain a few times, surely you should be able to opt out of feeling that pain. Personally, I’ve found the more I get the more they hurt too, am I right?! You’d think the more you get, the more used to the pain you’d get. But nope, our bodies aren’t that simple. So why not numb it? you don’t go to the dentist and opt out of anesthetic? (i hope) or to surgery and say “no thanks, keep me awake i wanna feel it all” – it would be unnecessary to do so when the means are there to not feel that pain at all. I appreciate some of you will counter my argument here and say its a form of art on our bodies we have to feel it all – but i disagree. feel the first few then sit back and relax for the rest (especially those painful areas)!

We’ve distributed TKTX for 5 years now. We know the INs and OUTs of this cream. We’re not the manufacturer, they’re a Chinese brand – it took us around 2 years to actually find and connect with the authentic, original seller. We tried and tested so many fake products – and yeah, they’re cheap (you’ll find them on Ebay or Wish etc. for literally £1) but they’re so dangerous and  they don’t work anywhere near as good as the true product. Also, the scariest thing about the fakes is there’s no way to know what ingredients are ACTUALLY in them. There are so many fake selling sites. The best way to tell who’s selling an authentic product and who is selling a fake is by GENUINE customer reviews. Trust pilot reviews are easily faked, but some of the sites don’t have any at all which is scary. This is why we directly print screen clients messages and upload them to show our reviews are authentic, along with our product. Another good way to tell is by the hologram, some have no hologram and some of these fake sites have a fake hologram. The real hologram has the logo in the middle with a waved circle surrounding it, it has TK vertically on the left and TX vertically on the right. It also says 100% authentic (ONLY at the bottom, not the top).  There’s a video on our Instagram of this posted on 12st December 2020.

We don’t wanna bore you going on and on in our first blog post. Were gunna keep this one simple and to the point. So we will leave it there. We’ll be posting every Sunday weekly! – Got any blog recommendations, questions or comments? Leave them below! See you next week.

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