You’ve come to the right place

Are you tired of sitting through the pain of a tattoo? Or piercing? Waxing? Or your aesthetic work?!

Maybe you’ve got a phobia of needles and need to block out the feeling.

Here at TKTX we can offer you painless procedures to make that whole process a littleΒ easier.

Becoming an established distributor of the cream came as a total surprise! After sharing personal experience and getting floods of messages regarding the cream, we began to buy multiple pieces from a trusted supplier. Finding there was lots of fake and dangerous creams on the market and a super long delivery period, we gradually escalated the sale of the distribution. After receiving so many amazing reviews and due to word of mouth, a little business venture became an official business distributing this amazing cream.

  • An official UK based distributor of TKTX numbing cream!
  • Predominantly stocking the 2 bestsellers to avoid any confusion.
  • Through trials and tests, we found: Yellow was the deepest cream – best for all skin types; Red was the best cream for a lighter but effective numb for all skin types.
  • If you specifically request a different colour, drop us an email and we can arrange that for you.

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Will the cream affect my ink?

No. Our cream is water based – not oil based - so the ink, tattoo and healing process wont be affected at all!

Do I have to tell my artist/practitioner that ive used the cream?

We would always advise to tell your artist but its not 100% essential. Always tell your practitioner if using the cream for anything other than a tattoo or piercing.

How long will the cream last once opened?

If you keep the lid on nice and tight it will last months after opened.

How much will one tube cover?

The tubes are 10g and need to be applied nice and thick! One full tube would only be enough to cover a full forearm for 3-5 hours.

Can I still drive after using the cream?

Absolutely! The numb is only skin deep and wont affect any of your limbs deeper than the skin.

Will it completely numb the area?

All people are different and have different levels of numbing but as long as you apply correctly it should fully numb the area for the majority of people. See the review section for more information!

What if I have no cling film?

Sandwich bags taped with masking tape work well too. If you cant use anything like that you may find it doesn’t fully numb the area or the numb doesn’t last as long as it should.

My cream has gone a brow/pinkish colour after opening?

This is completely normal! When the cream is exposed to the air it changes colour over time. As long as its not dryed out it should still work just fine!

My numbness is wearing off and I have a red rash?

When the initial numbness sets in, the skin should go more pale if anything. But when the feeling comes back its totally normal for the skin to turn redish as the blood vessels widen back up.

Can I use it for semi-permanent eyeliner?

NO! The cream is too strong to be used on the eyelids.

How long does the cream numb for?

Most people can experience 3-5 hours of numbing but its known to last a lot longer. Correct application is the key!

Can I leave it on longer than an hour?

Absolutely, some people prefer to leave it on for 1.5-2 hours as that’s what suits their skin type. But its all trial an error with what works best for you.

What if I leave it for less than an hour?

You might not have the full effective numbing experience, we fully advise that the cream should be on for at least an hour – no matter how numb the area may feel prior to that.

Can I use it on sensitive skin?

The beauty of the yellow tube is that its amazing for all skin types. Although we absolutely recommend a patch test just to be safe.